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Bacteria in contaminated water

We are now please to be able to offer comprehensive water testing services landlords and homeowners in the North East of England. The risk of Legionella in water systems is a very real one, and we can provide adequate risk assessment testing for the signs of any possible infection. For more information on the risks and how you can book an assessment today, contact us by phone or email.  

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  • Testing water outlets

  • Testing water temperatures

  • Looking for corrosion in tanks and water pipes

  • Legionella control and monitoring

  • Full risk assessments

Legionella testing services we provide

Landlords have a duty to understand their duties and comply with legislation surrounding the risk of Legionella and Legionnaires' disease. Our services will help landlords with this compliance, and, more importantly, reduce the risk to tenants through proper control monitoring and risk reduction. For more information, visit the Health & Safety Executive website and give us a call to book your property visit. We also provide comprehensive Energy Performance Certificate services throughout the North East of England.

Understand your duty and comply with legislation

Test your premises for the risks associated with Legionella and keep your family or tenants safe. Call us today for an assessment on

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